Thursday, November 04, 2004


Sometimes I feel like I live in Wonder Woman’s hometown. For those who don’t know, cartoon character Wonder Woman came from an island inhabited by only women. Since our guys deployed, I live in a similar gender exclusive world. At any of our recent gatherings, all of the adults are women. There is no male point of view in our conversations, no male appetites to feed during dinner, no male thirsts for beer to quench. Besides seeing men while I’m out running errands or going out to eat, I don’t really have any interaction with the opposite sex. Everywhere you go around this military town, you constantly see mothers with children and no fathers or groups of women without men. Now that the holidays are coming up, the absence of our guys is felt even stronger.

Last week, my friend went to Walmart to schedule a family photo session and I tagged along. My friend sarcastically joked that there would be no men in the picture, as she has two daughters. The Walmart clerk told us they have taken a lot of pictures recently of families without fathers. She told us of one new mother with infant twins who burst out crying during the photo shoot. Another army wife was going to pose with her son and hold up a picture of her husband to take the place of his physical body. My friend talked her out of it.

Because we have been left to fend for ourselves, we wives have banded together in a pretty strong way. When my friend moved from one military housing unit to another, several army wives got together and helped her pack up. We looked pretty comical as five women lifted couches and carried mattresses. Even funnier was me driving the moving truck. But we got the job done.

Still, we envy the couples we see holding hands at the mall. And we envy the wives whose husbands we see mowing the lawn. Yes, we miss our husbands because we love them. But we also miss them for all the Man things they did around the house. For the past few days, I’ve tried to open a jar lid and failed each day. I will now ask my friends to help me. But the jar may remain unopened until my husband returns.