Tuesday, October 26, 2004


Since I started this blog, many of my friends have sent me messages of support, telling me they are here for me. I know they are worried about me and I understand why. I know from reading these entries, they are wondering if I’m depressed or unhappy. I want everyone to know that I’m fine. Even better than fine. I’m happy.

I am in good health and so is my family. I have great friends whom I can count on in any crisis. I have the luxury of pursuing my professional dreams and I feel fulfilled in my career. I am financially secure. I have had the opportunity to live in other countries and travel the world. And despite our current circumstance, my husband and I have an awesome relationship and it has only gotten stronger.

So really, I feel grateful in many ways. I am not worried about being gang raped and my family being massacred because I don’t live in Sudan. I know where my next meal is coming from because I’m not starving in North Korea. I do not have to think about suicide bombers or missile strikes or my house being demolished because I do not live in Israel or the West Bank.

Considering the luck of the draw that determines which family, which country and which economic class you are born into, I feel I came out with a pretty good hand. Yes, my husband is in a war zone and his life is in constant danger. But life goes on. And life is good.